Online Payroll

Built to simplify your busy life…

Simple, quick and do from anywhere you have internet. Paying employees or contractors, filing tax forms and paying payroll tax is all done electronically with the tap on the screen or click of a mouse.

Run payroll as often as you like – no extra charge!

Using our free Direct Deposit, you never need to write or print another paycheck again and your system is completely paperless.

Tax Forms and payments are stored electronically and can be viewed and printed at any time.

Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual payroll forms including all state and federal forms and W2s and W3s. Annual contractor forms 1099 additional cost.

Integrates with Quickbooks® and Quickbooks Online®.

Works on mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

Powered by Intuit®.  24/7 expert client support provided by Intuit®

Manage everything payroll in 3 easy steps

1.  Pay employees – Enter hours and get instant paycheck calculations. Then print checks yourself or use free direct deposit.

2.  Pay payroll taxes – We calculate payroll taxes and remind you when to pay.  Just click to e-pay your taxes!

3.  File payroll tax forms – Automatically fill in federal and state payroll tax forms.  Just click to e-file your forms.

Online Payroll Features

We offer two options for Online Payroll: Enhanced and Assisted

Enhanced Payroll

Assisted Payroll

Cost – Includes one state
$39.95 Per Month
+ $4 Per Employee
$79.95 Per Month
+ $4 Per Employee
Unlimited Payroll Runs Yes Yes
Pay W2 Employees and 1099 Independent Contractors      Yes Yes
Print Paychecks or Use Free Direct Deposit   Yes Yes
Integrates With QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online     Yes Yes
Built-In Payroll Calculator for Instant Tax Calculations      Yes Yes
Free Support From Payroll Experts  Yes Yes
Email Reminders  Yes Yes
Run Payroll On Your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Device     Yes Yes
Federal and State Payroll Tax Forms Completed For You   Yes Yes
Electronically File and Pay Taxes – Federal and State Yes Yes
Ability to Print Year-End W2 and 1099s  Yes Yes
Employee Access to Their Paystubs Yes Yes
We File Tax Forms and Schedule Tax Payments For You Yes
We Monitor Your Payroll Tasks   Yes
We Add, Suspend, Terminate Employees and Contractors in the System Yes
Additional Services: optional optional
     Hassle-Free Workers Compensation
     Labor Law Posters
     Employee Time Tracking

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